Glam Squad

We provide a professional on location hair and make-up service by a team of hair and make-up artists to brides, corporate, publications, shoots, film, make-overs and general clientele.

Generally, most weddings take place on weekends and due to time constraints, you are only able to provide a service to one bride a day. Often you have restrictions with photo shoots as you are limited to a certain time frame to complete the models before they are to be photographed again. With Glam Squad, we will be able to maximize this by providing a service to more than one bride on a day and with many hands, photo shoots are quick and productive. We are not limited to styling only, but provide general hairdressing services in the comfort of your own home as well.

Our stylists and artists are based in Gauteng, ensuring that there will always be someone available to assist and where possible in the same area to avoid traveling costs for you as the client.

What we offer is a passionate and creative approach to your look and endeavor to create the perfect finish for any occasion. We have friendly and relaxed attitudes and always aim to give you the best possible look, by combining your ideas with our knowledge of what works along with the latest trends.